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Protect the Producer

How can I add value to my calves?
The solution to this age old question is this, the only way to add value for the producer AND lower cost to the consumer is for producers to unite and purchase their own processing facilities and begin their own branded beef programs. Some producers and I have taken the opportunity to purchase and are now operating U.S. Beef Producers in Ft. Pierre SD. This is the first of several planned producer owned processing plants. If we get enough producers that show interest in getting involved and taking back some control of our industry, for both producers and consumers, we will build a processing plant at the Huron Continental location along US Hwy 14. We are taking custom kill orders at this time, so if you have need of floor time for your own processing and/or are interested in helping protect beef producers and want to get involved, please call me for more details.
Thank you. Kim, (605) 845-8700

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