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September 24 * Fall Exotic & Hay Sale

Date: 09-24-2022

Welcome to our Fall Exotic Sale! We are glad to see your interested. 

CONSIGNMENTS (pictures below)

  • 6 Bison Heifers Calves    350-550#
  • 5 Year old Mini Hereford (OPEN)
  • 1 - Bull-Virgin yearling Mini Hereford (registered)  
  • Mini Bulls * Highlanders
  • Mini Heifers * More information coming soon. 


FALL EXOTIC SALE * Saturday, September 24, 2022 

Hay Sells at 10:00 am * Animal sells at 1:00 pm. (Sale order will be posted Sept. 15, 2022)

REGISTER HERE  - You can download and send in the registration form along with your registration fee. Once form is recieved we will be in contact with you and your sale consignments will be listed here and also added to advertisements. Registration fees will be reimbursed in sale commission. 

  • All consignments must be made no later than September 1st. 2022.
  • No refunds will be given after August 1st for cancellations. 
  • Must cancel within 30 days of registration to recieve full refund. 

If you would like to consign to our Fall Exotic Sale please call:

  • Sale Barn (605) 352-8682 * Jim Anderson (605) 350-0472
  • Nina Jo (605) 881-5324 * Jackie Ulmer (605) 848-1248
  • Jason (605) 881-7824 * Kim Ulmer (605) 845-8700


  • A HEALTH PAPER MUST ACCOMPANY ALL CONSIGNMENTS. (both in and out of state consignments)
  • Health papers will be collected and checked upon check in.  Any animal with no health paper will be turned away and not alllowed into barn. 
  • All BIRDS including OSTRICH and EMU'S need to be "Pollorum Negative" or come from a "Phyllirum Free source." Our Vet can test for Pullorum at the Sale Barn on sale day if needed.  
  • CATTLE and Cattle like species need an official ID in ear. No tests needed. 
  • GOATS and SHEEP need a "Scapie's Tag" - Any intact Ram's over 6 months need to be tested for B. Ovis prior to sale. Bring verification with health paper.
  • PIGS need official ID
  • HORSES need to have "Coggins" test within a year of sale. (all horses in or out of state)
  • DOGS & CATS Need to have proof of vaccinations.
  • Consignments may start arriving Friday, September 23th, 2022.
  • Consignments must be taken care of by owner until sold and arrangements are made between buyer/seller.
  • Smaller animals must be safely kept in cages.
  • Animals in cages will be sold with cage it is brought in.
  • Owners will bring their own consignments into sale ring on sale day. (we will have barn help on hand)
  • Consignments have until 11:00 am September 24th, 2022 to be on premises.


  • Transporation on purchases including any cages required to safely transport any sale lot. 
  • Health papers on out of state travelers.
  • All animals must be removed from HCM by dark. September 24, 2022.

***VET - GINA Neu-PAULSON - Prairie View Vet, Redfield, SD (605) 472-1140



  • 20% FEATHERED                          - over  $500 - 15% - $1000 - 12% - $3000 - 8%
  • 15% LARGE HOOVED ANIMALS - over $1000 - 12% - $2000- 10% - $5000 - 8%
  • 15% SMALL HOOVED ANIMALS - over $1000 - 12% - $2000 - 10% - $5000 - 8%
  • 20%    OTHER SMALL ANIMALS - over $1000 - 15% - $2000 - 10% - $5000 - 8%
  • 15% used tack that is auctioned off
  • Commission includes yardage and hay. Any other feed you wish to use is at owners expense.


  • Our auctioneer has the first and last say in all sales. (Ruler of our Roost)
  • We are working on online bidding. (watch site for updates) 
  • Approved bidding for online and phone bids needs to be done no later than September 21, 2022
  • We will have sale day phone lines available for phone bids
  • Early bidding is accepted by calling the barn. (605) 352-8682 or email bid to:


  • Announcements made sale day take precedence over written material. We are NOT responsible for casualties, injury or loss of animal or birds while on our premises.  Sellers are 100% responsilbe for their own animals until sold, then Buyer is 100% responsible of said animals purchased. 
  • All animals brought in to sale must be consigned and sold through sale. There is NO trading before or after sale time. All sales must take place through the office. 


  • Quality Inn (605) 352-6655
  • Best Western Inn (605) 352-2000
  • Super 8 Motel (605) 352-0740
  • Crossroads Inn (800) 876-5858



  • Please contact the barn at (605) 352-8682 * Space is limited.
  • 10 x 10 spots available. $25.00 per spot. Can get multipe. 
  • First come, first serve. 
  • * No food vendors. We have that covered.


If you wish to pre order T-Shirts please contact Nina Jo (605) 881-5324 -  Nina Jo Custom makes T-Shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and more. You will soon see her store on location at HCM. Click here to order your shirt(s)

Order Your Exotic Sale T-Shirt

Order Your Exotic Sale T-Shirt

5 Year Old Open Mini Hereford

5 Year Old Open Mini Hereford

5 Year Old Open Mini Hereford

5 Year Old Open Mini Hereford

5 Year Old Open Mini Hereford

5 Year Old Open Mini Hereford

Henry * Yearling Virgin Bull

Henry * Yearling Virgin Bull

Henry's Paper. Yes! He is registered & Dehorned.

Henry's Paper. Yes! He is registered & Dehorned.

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